I would highly recommend Matt Tyner the work he performed &delivered on behalf of Estes Services was impeccable!”

John Waldorf, General Manager, Estes Services

“I had the pleasure of working with Matt at Valve+Meter Performance Marketing, collaborating with him to help deliver results for a wide variety of clients. Matt has great industry knowledge in home services, ranging from operational excellence to digital marketing to leadership, and he’s always looking for new things to learn and test.

What would you look for in the ideal employee? Dependable? Adaptable? Knowledgeable? Authentic? Empathetic? Matt checks all of those boxes and more. Matt has a big heart, a thirst for knowledge, and a tremendous work ethic. He would be a great addition to any team.”

Joe Wanninger, Chief Marketing Officer, Valve+Meter

“Had the pleasure of working with Matt as one of our main contacts during his time at Valve+Meter. Matt was always responsive, dependable, and fully committed to creating the best ROI for us and our customers. He is always upbeat, positive, and found creative solutions to any problems we faced. I highly recommend working with Matt in the future!”

Theo Stathakis, Marketing Manager, Mingledorff’s Inc.

“Matt is a strategic and talented marketer who happens to love the HVAC industry. I had the pleasure of serving on a leadership team with Matt where he was a thoughtful and valuable contributor. He is diligent in staying on top of the latest marketing trends and techniques. While Matt is a true professional, what I enjoyed most about working with him is his joyful and positive attitude. The man loves Christmas music more than anyone I’ve ever met, an endearing trait he is passing on to his adorable children.”

Shannon Ruanto, Chief Admin Officer, Valve+Meter

“Having worked with Matt as a contractor, I can attest to his abilityto lead with confidence, clarity, and enthusiasm. He hasdemonstrated command of his industry, inspiring to coworkersand suppliers alike. A true pleasure to work with!”

Kayla Bradstreet, Digital Marketing Strategist, ONEILpubs

When it comes to marketing, particularly for the HVAC vertical,Matthew really knows his stuff! Matthew is creative, knowledgable, and a joy to work with. It is always a pleasure brainstorming digital marketing ideas with him.”

Mark Bianchi, Digital Sales Manager, Entercom

“Writing to share a recommendation for Matt Tyner who consulted with our company, A1 Mechanical of Michigan, LLC at our Lansing office February 13-15 of this year. He prepared an agenda that included many different discussion topics with 8 different leaders involved in our residential service and replacement department.

Matt concluded the meeting with a half day debrief with the team that resulted in a list of deliverables and a single person assigned to each item. He first found agreement on what we wanted to take away from his visit and then asked for volunteers to accept responsibility for each item.

Matt followed up the meeting with a two and half page summary of the agreed upon items and who accepted responsibility for them. He also shared some customized materials he created on behalf of our company that will improve the professionalism of our retail sales efforts.

Matt proved himself to be wise beyond his years as a skilled consultant who leveraged his broad experience in the HVAC in his consulting role. His integrity made it easy for our team to collaborate with him to improve our performance in each area. I can recommend Matt with confidence that he can help similar companies with similar needs.”

Steve Becker, Managing Member, A-1 Mechanical of Michigan

“I was lucky to have worked with Matt for two years at Valve+Meter. He was essential to early and long-term success for our key home services and B2C clients. Always upbeat and positive, Matt set a positive and dedicated tone for each day within a very stressful, fast-paced startup environment. I learned an incredible amount from Matt through his extensive knowledge of growth through SEO, digital marketing, and lead generation. Through his home service industry experience, Matt also has an eye for identifying operational, sales, and marketing inefficiencies that can be improved creating immediate bottom line impact. Matt is extremely dedicated to his craft and is an amazing servant leader. I would recommend him highly for an company looking for consultancy or someone who can plug in and lead their sales and marketing orgs.”

Bill Sering, Marketing Performance Manager, Valve+Meter

“Matt’s leadership style has a great mix of strategic thinking, a people-first mindset, and a “Let’s get things done together” attitude. He is a highly approachable individual and loves to talk about ideas and tests that can move the needle. I appreciate Matt’s positive energy and have learned a lot from him both professionally and personally.”

Brandon Ford, Operations Manager, Valve+Meter

“I reported to Matt Tyner for several months during my first year at Valve + Meter. As a manager, he was supportive, honest, encouraging and available for my many questions. As a marketer, I knew him to be strong in his subject matter, patient and committed to following the data. He asks thoughtful questions and is at ease with clients. He is an authority in his space and I was lucky to learn so much from him. As a team member, Matt is upbeat, energizing to those around him and willing to do what it takes to complete the project. He is a multi-talented marketer and a true asset. I wholeheartedly endorse him!”

Elizabeth “Libby” Christiansen, SEO Content Writer, Valve+Meter

“Working for Matt included many different learning opportunities. We worked in a high paced environment within a marketing agency here in Indianapolis. Matt was always the first one in the office and often the last one to leave. He would always go out of his way to ensure everyone was having a good day and find a way to cheer up those who may not have been. His drive to learn more was always prevalent in his daily work and routine. His knowledge of home services provided a valuable asset to our team.”

Thano Genos, Director of Public Relations, Valve+Meter

“I worked with Matt at Valve+Meter, and couldn’t be more thankful. As an expert in the HVAC and marketing industries, Matt taught me so much about Digital Marketing. A truly great leader, listener, doer, and value-add wherever he is. Would recommend Matt 100%.”

Sam Morey, Business Strategist, Valve+Meter

“I had the privilege of working alongside Matt for two years as he led our organization through a season of explosive growth in the home services industry. As a result of his leadership, our team was able to develop the strategy for more than 20 home services companies across the nation, creating opportunities for measurable and accountable marketing for businesses ranging from $1 million to $30 million in annual revenue. Matt is an established thought leader in this space with a passion for serving business owners and helping them achieve goals for both their businesses and their teams. His positive attitude and desire to grow make him an asset to any team and a pleasure to work with and learn from.”

Ashton Searcy, Director of Strategy, Valve+Meter

“A quintessential marketing expert with an eye for detail around organic SEO growth and optimization. I had the pleasure of working with Matt Tyner for almost two years and he was an excellent mentor whom I learned a great deal from. He set a precedent for our team by being dedicated, upbeat, and delivering client results. ”

Andrew Stucky, Senior Web Developer, Valve+Meter

“Matt is a fantastic mentor and a natural motivator of others. He strongly values his personal and professional relationships with others and works hard to cultivate and maintain a culture of growth and support among his peers. I greatly enjoyed working with Matt day to day, and I am thankful he played an essential role in our team at Valve+Meter which gave us the opportunity to work together. Look for Matt to perpetually explore new opportunities as a leader while striving his colleagues to do the same. ”

Chris Baney, Business Systems Analyst, Valve+Meter

“Matt is extremely knowledgable in his areas of experience. He has an attitude about his work that upholds the interest of those he is serving. He is kind-hearted, an extremely hard worker and always putting forth this best.”

Curt Merlau, Vice President of Sales, Valve+Meter

“Worked with Matt at Valve+Meter and was always impressed with his commitment to providing a quality experience not only for our clients, but also for his fellow teammates. His job and industry knowledge was always a great asset to our team as it helped us get many programs off the ground and up and running to deliver tangible results to our clients. Matt would be an excellent part of any organization that was looking to get driving to client results.”

Ryan Melby, Director of Marketing Analytics, Valve+Meter

“Matt is a smart and progressive marketer who works his tail off and is always smiling. He has a deep knowledge of digital marketing, especially for home services, and is constantly on the lookout for new technology to gain better results. He is a joy to be around, always positive and upbeat, and is constantly seeking opportunities to get better. Matt’s future is very bright!”

Jen Ramo, Chief Operating Officer, Valve+Meter

“Matthew Tyner is one of the best marketing strategist I have ever worked with. I had the pleasure of working with him over the last several years. Matthew is a servant leader that pours himself into the job. He has helped to grow the bottom line on several large HVAC and service companies across the Midwest. Matthew is easy to work with and I have always been impressed with his knowledge of cutting edge strategies for lead generation, branding and marketing automation. He has experience in Amazon product listings and sales strategy as well. If you are missing that creative person that has a strategic mind to grow revenue on your team, then Matthew Tyner would be a welcomed addition to any leadership team.”

John Goddard, Vice President of Sales, Valve+Meter

“I had the pleasure working with Matt in a startup technology company. Matt was an incredibly valuable member of the team, and a large part of the success we achieved. As was expected from a skilled professional, Matt was hard-working, competent, and a good leader to his team. But what struck me most about Matthew was the glue-factor he had on the entirety of our company. He was such an important part of our corporate culture, and never let the team that was relying on him down. When he moved on to further his career, his presence was deeply missed. On top of the skills he possesses that make him a strong marketer, strategist, innovator, and leader; Matt possesses intangible characteristics that make him exceedingly valuable to those who are fortunate enough to work with him. I’m glad to have had the chance to work with him, and look forward to more collaboration in the future!”

Cole Reynolds, Vice President & General Counsel, HVAC.com

“Working with Matt was an honor, his outgoing personality and determination to be the best has a way of inspiring everyone who works along side him. His quick thinking and approach to marketing is one that gave my team endless opportunities to improve the lives of customers in our market. He is truly a leader in his field and I would recommend him for any career opportunity he may pursue.”

Nicholas Grizzell, Service Manager, Nelson Comfort

“With knowing Matt Tyner for some time now, Cincinnati is loosing a super person in the HVAC industry. He has exceeded professionalism with customers at the forefront. Indianapolis is gaining a outstanding individual that will impact that city from word go. He not only is a business associate but also a good friend who will be missed. Good luck with your new endeavor the city of Indianapolis is very lucky. Thanks for all your hard work as I know it will continue.”

Dan Knollman, Customer Solutions Manager, Johnstone Supply

“I’ve know Matt for several years. In all my dealings with Matt, he has been nothing short of professional. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge and expertise and it’s always been a pleasure working with him. He is a performer at the highest level, bringing great value to whomever he interacts with, whether it be with a co-worker, vendor, or customer. In short, he’s the real deal.”

Mike Grimme, President, Johnstone Supply

“I have worked with Matt for the last 4 years while he was at HVAC.Com and Nelson Comfort. Matt is one of the most strategic thinkers I have met in the HVAC industry. He finds innovative solutions to marketing issues that have led to extreme growth. Matt is always thinking about the future and what comes next.”

Kevin McClellan, Sales Leader, Trane

“Matt is someone I can recommend without hesitation. Matt has the rare combination of high-integrity, high-energy business leadership with a unique ability to unify the team around innovative ideas. If you have a chance to work with Matt, whether as a service provider, business partner, or team member, do it. You’ll be happy you did and you’ll know you’re working with someone who truly cares and someone you can trust.”

Will Housh, Founder & CEO, HVAC.com

“Matt is one of the most energetic people I have worked with. He loves looking for creative ways to solve problems, and is energized by the opportunity to innovate within an existing problem. He has a knack for seeing the big picture strategy while being able to identify tactical ways to address immediate needs. Matt understands the value of relationships and invests energy into getting to know most of the people he meets.”

Andrew Schechter, Product Manager, HVAC.com

“Matt was an absolute joy to work with. He is an inspiring leader and works hard to get everyone on board. He always comes to the plate with innovative ideas. He was an integral part to the growth of HVAC.com and I was fortunate to be a part of his team.”

Doug Hillman, Business Growth Specialist, HVAC.com

“I had the absolute pleasure of working with Matt for two years. He is an innovator, an out of the box thinker, a team player, and one who naturally serves as an inspiring mentor for the entire company. His contagious go-getter attitude fosters an atmosphere that the entire company wants to reciprocate; making it an enthusiastic and fun work environment for everyone. Matt will be a great asset to any team and I am very thankful I had the opportunity to work with him!”

Emily Romme, eCommerce Marketing Coordinator, HVAC.com

“Over the past two years, I had the pleasure to work with Matt at HVAC.com. With his strategic insight into the industry, he was able to add a number of high moving product lines into our catalog, which had a tremendous impact on reaching our revenue goals. Not only is he sharp and business savvy, he has a contagious fun-loving, upbeat personality which makes him a joy to work with!”

Lyla Holt, Online Sales Manager, HVAC.com

“Matt has some of the best communication and presentation skills I have witnessed in my career. He has a very strong drive not just for himself to be successful, but to help others as well. I’ve also seen him on several occasions go above and beyond at work. One of his best traits is his high level of integrity. He is someone you can trust to help build your business or take care of your clients. Matt is not only the guy you want on your team, he’s the one you’ll want to lead it. I am very thankful I had the opportunity to work with him.”

Dennis Hole, Marketing Coordinator, HVAC.com

“I had the pleasure of working with Matt on several business development pursuits over the last several years. The one thing about Matt that is refreshing is his positive attitude! Matt’s style is collaborative, fun, and direct. One of Matt’s strongest assets is his ability to understand and respond quickly to the customer’s and market’s needs. He’s great at bringing everyone together for a successful outcome!”

Mitchell Johnston, Director of Sales, Trion

“Matt is the guy everyone wants on their team. He is passionate about growing new business, eager to engage in various initiatives and helps foster an environment where everyone feels included. During my time at Housh Inc., I had the privilege of working side-by-side with Matt on various marketing projects and he taught me a thing or two about social media marketing. His drive, personality and go-getter attitude is contagious. I recommend him with highest regards.”

MaKenzie Dykstra, Marketing Manager, HVAC.com

“Matt has a strong background in Ecommerce, social media, and new business development. Matt is a trendsetter in his field as he effectively utilizes emerging technologies and trends to achieve his goals.”

Larry Blake, Territory Manager, Lennox

“Matthew is a pleasure to work with, sharp, intuitive, thinks strategically and is pleasant. He is always a welcome voice when calling even when he shares concerns. He does what he says he will do and does it well. He has realistic expectations and does what he can to be a great trading partner.”

Jim Gates, Brand Manager, Quality Filters, Inc.

“Matt has been absolutely awesome at helping me to better understand social media in ways I had not previously thought about. He has been extraordinarily helpful in many ways and is always quick to respond to questions with very helpful answers. I highly recommend him and look forward to working more with him in the HVAC industry. Thanks for everything Matt!”

Price Reynolds, Owner, Iron Guardian

“Matt is the ultimate guru in social media. He has a very forward thinking approach to marketing. He has an ability to communicate an idea with such clarity that it will appeal to customers of all age groups. There are few people with Matt’s passion and ability to elevate any company to the highest level.”

Terry Roden, Owner, TECO Metal Products

“Matt Tyner has been a great addition to the Habegger Corporation. It is through his passion for business and technical abilities that he was able to make such strong strides in our ecommerce initiatives. I personally work with Matt on a regular basis. He is a well-rounded individual and maintains a strong rapport with our customer base. I strongly recommend Matt’s work to any business or association.”

Andrew Kovach, Territory Manager, Habegger Corporation

“I have known Matt for several years and have the pleasure of working directly with him on several endeavors. I find Matt to be courteous but tenacious, collaborative and a very good executer. His role leading eCommerce Web initiatives for our Branches was complex and critical to our environment and he is very effective.”

Ellen Hansmann, Corporate Purchasing Manager, Habegger Corporation

“Matt has done and still does great work in getting Zimmer Heating on the social media map and e-commerce site with Habegger corp. A great asset to Habegger.”

Chris Zimmer, President, Zimmer Heating & Cooling

“Our company has started working directly with Matt for the past month and even in that short of time he has proven to be a valuable partner. His skill set and knowledge has been very helpful in helping us tie our marketing into the benefits of social media and optimizing our message to our customers (present and future).”

Brad McAtee, Sales Manager, Nelson Comfort

“Matt always puts the customer first and has a passion for making his customers’ experiences easier. I’ve seen Matt go above and beyond to volunteer help and advice to his customers, particularly with their social media efforts to help them drive more business to their door.”

Nicolas Lamb, Sales Engineer, Habegger Corporation

“Matt was ALWAYS Johnny on the spot when we needed something and he was not even assigned to our account.We loved working with Matt he was always friendly and helpful!”

Jim Bodine, Owner, CJS Heating & Air

“Matt is energetic and compassionate in his work, he is always upbeat and fun to be around.”

Scott Muran, Sales Engineer, Habegger Corporation

“Matt has done an incredible job in taking a program that received very little attention and enthusiasm and turned it into one of the most valuable tools available to TMs. Matt has been incredible around customers, very professional, able to quickly build rapport, and is very clear and concise. I highly recommend Matt because he is a very intelligent person with a ton of drive and determination. Matt Tyner will be a leader in the HVAC industry.”

Mike Maynard, Territory Manager, Habegger Corporation

“Matt has a terrific team-oriented attitude. He works hard and is a real asset to our team!”

Jeff Gilley, Branch Manager, Habegger Corporation

“Matthew Tyner is a diligent, highly effective sales associate with the Habegger Corporation. His work has led to significant sales dollar and margin increase in the e-commerce division of Habegger–Louisville.”

Matthew Orsini, Parts Sales Manager, Habegger Corporation

“Matt and I work together at the Habegger Corporation. Matt is responsible for helping grow our online sales within our region and has worked directly with my Territory Managers and myself to successfully grow our online sales to among the top performers in the company. Matt exhibits a positive attitude, enthusiasm, and a do “Whatever It Takes” mentality in all components of his job. He is very creative in working with all types of customers. He has even taken one of our customers who was the least likely to order on-line and made them one of our best on-line customers. Keep up the great work!”

Shawn Wittenborn, Store Manager, Habegger Corporation

“Matt is a very energetic marketing professional. His forward thinking and enthusiasm has spurred increases in our Habegger on-line sales. Matthew focuses on making our customers’ on-line experience easier. Matthew listens to the customer and develops new methods to improve the performance of our on-line system.”

Jeff Pennington, Corporate Buyer, Habegger Corporation

“Matthew has been very enjoyable to work with. He brings a lot of positive energy and is very eager to contribute to the team. He is also a very fast learner who is very eager to learn about all aspects of our business. He will be successful at whatever he pursues.”

Mike Coates, Parts Manager, Habegger Corporation

“I had the pleasure of working with Matt while at the Habegger Corporation. He has an enthusiasm and passion for helping customers succeed that is unmatched. There is no doubt in my mind that he will be successful in whatever he does.”

Jason Estep, Territory Manager, Habegger Corporation

“My name is Ronald Gress and Matt Tyner is my career mentee. I have had the privilege to work with Matt for over 3 1/2 years. When he first came to Butler as a freshman I could see the talent, drive and willingness to handle any challenge. He is a very talented, focused and energetic person. As soon as Matt hit campus he became engaged in activities on campus. He was never afraid to get involved and committed to an activity. As his career advisor, we require all students to complete many activities that will help they them prepare for their future. Matt was always on time and complete with all assignments, which speaks of his attention to detail, thoroughness and sense of completeness. I would highly recommend Matt for most any organization or job opportunity.”

Ron Gress, Executive in Residence, Butler University

“In the past 6 years, I’ve known Matt Tyner both as a student and young professional. I cannot fathom an obstacle that would be big enough to stop Matt from succeeding. Regardless of the situation, Matt is perpetually self-motivated and immaculately professional. He relentless pursuit of continuous improvement should show what a priceless asset that he truly is to any organization lucky enough to have him as an employee.”

James Worrell, Sales Representative, Worrell Corporation

“Matt took responsibility for his duties as a marketing intern right away. He offered suggestions, completed tasks in a timely manner, and was organized and productive during his internship.

Matt is both creative and personable and I recommend him for any managment or leadership position for which he may apply.”

Sharon McMahon, President, Noblesville Chamber of Commerce