Upon graduating from Butler University, I decided to join an industry in which I saw a significant amount of upside- the HVAC industry.  I knew there was a place for me within the heating and air conditioning industry to help contractors reach their business goals.  So without knowing anything about the HVAC industry, I joined a leading independent HVAC distributor first as an eCommerce Associate and shortly thereafter as a Territory Manager.

Next, I had the desire to learn more about the eCommerce industry which led me to join the extremely talented team at HVAC.com & Same Day Supply.  There, I was charged with growing the business by identifying key areas of growth.  After years of consecutive triple digit growth, I became eager to utilize my digital marketing background.  Therefore, I set forth in creating a scalable marketing program with a traditional HVAC contractor.

A great fit was found with a residential dealer who had a strong brand in the market but needed some assistance navigating through the various digital and traditional marketing opportunities.  In a short time, we were able to create a marketing program that provided a significant return on ad spend while being a digital marketing blueprint for other markets.

The year 2017 was somewhat of a homecoming. I was fortunate enough to join the team at Valve+Meter Performance Marketing where I was tasked with helping HVAC contractors reach their business goals by creating new customer acquisition and re-engagement strategies.  The philosophy of the business is simple-provide new customers a blended Marketing Cost Per Acquisition (MCPA) target through scalable marketing programs.  Working with talented marketers impacting an industry I am passionate about has been an extraordinary experience.

In early 2019 the team at WCA Group approached me to join their team leading their digital marketing programs. WCA Group is a plumbing and HVAC company serving Cincinnati (Thomas & Galbraith), Indianapolis (Williams Comfort Air & Mr. Plumber) and Louisville (Jarboe’s). Shortly after joining the team I transitioned into the Director of Marketing role within the leadership team to develop a marketing plan and strategy that would create aligned across all markets and marketing platforms.

I am thankful for my career path thus far. From distribution to eCommerce to residential contractor to a marketing agency for the HVAC industry, I have created a knowledge set all encompassing of the industry. I look forward to sharing my insight and connecting with several HVAC contractors through this blog.